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 I am the proud owner of a yearling colt of King Bijou. He is very friendly and one of the first to meet me at the gate.

Dennis W.

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About Starlight Farms

Currently we stand two stallions: King Bijou and Two ID Boonerang; We breed for temperamant, color, conformation, athletic ability, and a willing mind that is eager to please in whatever is asked.
We are often asked "what kind of horses we raise?" We raise "pleasurable horses". Quality horses that are the kind that are great to be around, well built, intelligent, willing and a true partner. Our horses are all these things plus. They can excel in whatever discipline you choose. Some will be ropers, cutters, or ranch horses, while others will be family or trail horses, but in the end all of them are kind, loving, and smart.
Our foals are handled from birth and not rushed to work before ready. We believe a firm foundation is key to our horses success as well as yours.
 Our facility offers, pre breeding consultation, breeding, veterinary care such as cultures, exams, ultrasounds, pre- breeding/ post partum cleanup, and insemination services ( done by Littleton Equine Medical Center). We offer foal out services as well for those not comfortable with foaling or that do not have a suitable stalling situation.We monitor mares by camera and visual inspection 24 hours a day pre foaling and several times a day post foaling.Full care and partial mare care is available.
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